Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dinner with the Bears

Good evening!

Tonight I'm sharing with you a recipe for my newest favorite side dish--Bok choy with bacon

I made it as a special treat for my brother's birthday a few weeks ago (bok choy and bacon are two of his favorite foods), and it was requested again as part of our Easter dinner! Looks like it was a hit :)

Jenna Bear's Bacon Bok Choy
Serves 2

1/2 pound of your favorite bacon--this time I used peppered, but applewood is great, too
5-6 heads of baby bok choy (or 2-3 heads mature bok choy)

First, chop your bacon into pieces, then put them into a medium-large pan

Then leave that alone to cook for a bit and tend to your choy
Make sure your choy is nice and clean
Slice your choy lengthwise into halves or fourths (depending on size)

When you're finished prepping the greens, your bacon should be close to being done. You may have to wait for it, though.

Cook until it's crispy. If you'd like your bacon extra crisp, cook it much longer as the bok choy adds some moisture to the pan once you cook it. Or, you could take the bacon out of the pan, leaving the bacon fat, and add the bacon in once you are finished cooking the bok choy

Don't forget to add some delicious bacon fat to your main meaty dish! I poured some into the pan where I was cooking our meat--grass-fed burgers! 

Mr. Bear and my burgers! I wasn't too hungry tonight, I got a small two-bite burger :)

And now for the magic...

When your bacon is at your desired crispness, add your choy!

It takes up a lot of space, but no worries, it will cook down.
You can cover the pan to speed up the wilting

See? Perfect!

The bok choy will cook fairly quickly, it only needs a few minutes. Keep an eye on it. But remember, bok choy is still very good when it has some crisp to it

And that's it!  It's so simple, but cooking the bok choy in the bacon fat makes all the difference; it really soaks up the bacon flavor. The combined flavors of bok choy and bacon are truly a delicious delight. 

Here is Mr.'s dinner plate 


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