Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Feeling Light

Last night, after work, I went to Whole Foods to pick up some dinner.  I got two hamburger patties that looked good and also got a pound of bacon.  But when I got home, I just didn't feel hungry.  I asked my  honey how hungry he was and that I wasn't at all too hungry. He agreed he wasn't that hungry either! I still cooked up the bacon, just to have, and we just sipped on water all night long.

It feels good to fast, especially when your body really wants it.  I had a little bit of coffee this morning with Xyla and cream as I was very tired this morning. It definitely was one of those mornings where you just want to stay in bed forever.  I almost get mad when I have to get out of bed because it's so cold on the other side of the blanket! Winter hasn't been the same since our little bathroom space heater broke, that thing was a life-saver during the cold mornings! It even had a timer on it, so I could walk into the bathroom and it would be on already.

Tonight, my mama is taking my best friend (also my maid of honor!) and I to dinner! We're going to Aqui! Yum! Can't wait :)

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