Thursday, January 5, 2012

Say "Cheese"

I made it to Thursday! Today is my last day until Monday that I have to work both of my jobs.  After today, I just have to wake up early tomorrow, work for five and a half hours, then I'm good for the weekend.

So far, my weekly goal of less grains-more bacon has been successful! It feels really good.  I've been substituting more dairy for the lack of grains, mostly to go easier on myself during the transition.

On Monday, for lunch I brought home some Baja Fresh for us--Chicken Tortilla soup for me (sans tortillas) and my hunny, plus a chicken Caesar salad for me as well. The salad wasn't that good though; there was a severe lack of dressing. For dinner we had leftover beef and bacon stew that my hunny had made over the weekend.  He made enough for three meals each for us! It was awesome!  With the stew, I made some chicken wings from Whole Foods, to bulk up the meal a little bit.

Tuesday, my hunny was feeling sick from his cold so he wasn't hungry. I had some of the leftover chicken from my salad with peppers and onions, cooked in butter with seasonings topped with eggs.  Such an easy meal, but it was delicious.  For dinner, hunny was finally hungry and I went to Quizno's because we had gift cards.  He wanted a sandwich and I got a Cobb salad (bacon!), with a cup of broccoli cheese soup. I figured the broccoli cheese was the less of the evils compared to chicken noodle and chili.  The meal was very satisfying!  I enjoyed the soup, although I felt there could have been more broccoli in it, and the salad was very good too.  I had forgotten to say ''no blue cheese'' for the salad, because I forgot that Cobb salads have that (I only recently became a fan of Cobb Salads); but I did remember to not get blue cheese dressing!

Yesterday, I went to Whole Foods to pick up some food with the last of our food cash that I had to spend. I got half a pound of peppered bacon, half a pound of stew meat, half dozen eggs, and......something I hadn't had since I was a junior in high school.......Babybel cheeses!!
I ate two right away in the car on my way home! (Okay, I was very hungry, having not had breakfast and it was already 1:00!) Eating these is a nice treat, it's been a long time; I didn't even enjoy cheese for the past few years. Hell, I didn't even consider dairy a food  group for a long time because of veg*n propaganda.  Now, here I am, drinking cream in my coffee and eating Babybel cheese.  I really had wanted to get some raw cheese, but it was more expensive, and didn't want to splurge.  I brought one Babybel to work today to tide me over until lunchy.  

For lunch yesterday, I cooked up the bacon in a pan with a teeny pad of butter.  I cut up the stew meat into smaller pieces and threw them in the pan when the bacon was close to being done.  Then added in a mix of peppers and onions and a few sprinkles of my hunny's seasoning salt.  Then I fried up a few eggs and threw them over the peppers and meat when that was finished.  That filled me up until dinner, although I did have a few roasted/salted pecans at work; can't resist pecans! Oh, also had another Babybel as well.

We weren't terribly hungry for dinner, but hunny heated up the leftover chicken wings from the other day along with the rest of the bacon I had bought.  He got the bacon nice and crispy (and I dipped it in a tiny amount of maple syrup...), it was great.  

Not sure yet what we'll do for lunch today, or dinner for that matter.  At least I get paid tonight, so we'll have more money to work with for dinner.  I do know one thing, though--It's going to have bacon in it!


  1. All this food talk is making me hungry! God, I love cheese. And bacon. Did I mention cheese? I can't even relate to the vegan thing but am glad you've found your way to primal. Seems like a good place to be and you get to eat so much amazingly delicious stuff. I'm with you on the raw cheese. It's just so pricey I really can't stomach it financially. Someday when we're all rich....

  2. Primal is a great place to be; there are so many new foods to try, as well as old favorites--it's great :)

    Someday when we're all rich...all the raw cheeses will be ours!

  3. Jenna, stumbled upon your blog from Mark's forum. As an ex raw vegan myself, I can totally relate to you! :) Especially enjoyed your story of how you came to paleo eating. I look forward to more of your posts!


  4. Hey Heather! I'm so glad you commented, I've been a follower of your blog for a few years now :) I was even in your raw ice cream cake contest back in spring of '10! In fact, in my first post, you are the "guru" I'm referring to! I'm so grateful to have read your story; it really helped me to find my own. Thank you!