Monday, January 16, 2012

Whole Foods Trip

After a long morning at work, I still had a few errands to run on my lunch.  I only get a little over an hour for lunch, so my time is pretty precious to me.  I had to get some conditioner, thank you cards, and some water. I parked between Whole Foods and the drug store and dashed into CVS to get some conditioner and cards.  The line was very long and the cashier wasn't moving as quickly as I'd hoped.  By the time I got to Whole Foods, I was getting a little hangry. I scooted to the meat counter and when the guy asked if I needed help, I replied: "I need some bacon, STAT!" and got some deliciously peppered bacon. Mmmm!

I've been needing to purchase lard to season my new cast iron pan that I got for the holidays (yee!), so I asked the meat counter guy if they sold lard.  He didn't think so, but said there was a big pile of pork trimmings on the table next to him and he could give me the fat if I knew how to render it.  He wrapped it up for me, no charge, and I had in my hands two pounds of pork fat.

Also, in their coupon book for the month, there was a coupon for $1 off Organic Valley cheese! So I got a block of raw cheese! Was going to try it with my lunch, but I ran out of time to use it on what I was going to (eggs); and just had brussels sprouts and bacon instead.  Packed up some more bacon for a snack at work :)

Going hiking again this Saturday! Very excited! If it's raining, we're just going to stay in and do Ab Ripper X from P90X.  We're also going to watch Memoirs of a Geisha! I just finished the book the other day--it was very beautiful! Excited to watch the movie (again!). 


  1. I enjoy reading about your adventures to whole wish we had one of those here. I live in the second largest city in Michigan...we have nothing like that...Maybe someday...or I will have to take a road trip! Keep up the good work :)

  2. Thank you very much! I used to do my shopping at Safeway and thought it was the bees knees at the time, but now I feel so spoiled having a Whole Foods down the street! I tend to take it for granted, as I hear about folks who don't have one very close by. Hopefully you'll get one soon, they're sprouting up all over California. :)